Episode 6 (#106)
Name: Death
Original Air Date: 9/17/97


Randy Marsh
Carol Marsh
Grandpa Marsh
Shelley Marsh
Kyle Broslofski
Ike Broslofski
Carol Broslofski
Eric Cartman
Ms. Cartman
Mr. Garrison
Mr. Hat
Mayor McDaniels
John Warsog
Great Grandpa Marsh
Suzanne Sommers


Stan's extremely old grampa wants to die, but is too weak to kill himself. So, he asks Stan for help, saying he killed his grandfather when he was his age. Stan won't do it at first, but then helps him to no avail, as Death himself shows up, but is looking for Kenny instead (shocker!). Also, the South Park parents try to get a dirty show (resembling B&B) called Terence and Philip off the air. They act as lemmings killing themselves, but only their explosive diarhea fumes breaks the will of the TV execs.


8. Very funny, and a strong finish to a mini-season. Grampa's taunting of Cartman is the show's highlight, but a funny episode all around. With four great episodes and six which are leaps and bounds better than most things on TV, South Park has confirmed its place as being funny as sin. Look for a Halloween episode coming up, and watch the reruns. Beefcake!!!

Did you notice?:

The cafeteria is serving "Chinese Duck Salad w/Gravy"

The song Grandpa plays on the tape deck for Stan is obviously a parody of Enya's "Orinoco Flow"

The first person they fling into the side of Cartoon Central is Mr. McCormick. Who is the father of Kenny McCormick. Maybe that's why Kenny's death was not as cool this time, his father had the cooler death.

Both Stan and Kyle's moms are named "Carol"

In the beginning of the show Grandpa's cake is missing from the table in one shot and then back in the next.

The South Park kids are standing outside a window watching Terrence and Phillip on TV. They are wearing space suits with American flags on them even though they are clearly Australian.
The TV show Terrence and Philip is about fart jokes. If you take their initial you get TP which is the abbreviation for Toilet Paper popularized by Beavis's Cornholio alter-ego character from Beavis and Butthead.

When the kids take temporary sanctuary in Stan's room, you can see a picture of Shelley, wearing her headgear.

Terrence and Philip share remarkable similarities to the show "Bananas in Pajamas". As Terrence and Philip are denoted in the show by a T and a P, the only marked difference between Bananas one and two are the numbers (1 and 2, duh) on their shirts. Also, the show alledgedly boasts such lame-ass jokes as "Hey, B1, I'm wearing pajamas." "Hey, B2, so am I!" "Hahahahaha!"

When Death takes great-great grandpa away at the end of the episode, he is accompanied by a slug-like Kenny.
When Grandpa takes Stan into the other room to play him the song (trying to show him what it's like to be him) he inserts a cassete tape into the stereo, but the stereo shows "CD" on the front as if a Compact Disc is currently playing.

While Cartman is watching Terrence and Phillip, you can see a picture of him and his mother at Mount Rushmore.

There are two posters on the door of Stan's room.

The black board contains a fairly intricate explanation of a white dwarf. A white dwarf is one of the latest stages a star can take in its lifetime after it has ballooned out into a massive star; it is also quite dense and the writing on the black board refers to this in a way which would only be seen in high school physics class (at the earliest).

Best Quotes:

Ms. Cartman: Eric dear? I just got a call from your friend Kyle's mother. She said that this
show is naughty, and might make you a potty mouth.
Cartman: That's a bunch of crap! Kyle's mom is a dirty Jew!
Ms. Cartman: Ohhh, ok hon.

Cartman: Why does this happen every month? It seems like, right around the same time
every month, Kyle's mom gets a hair up her ass about something and I always end up
getting screwed by it!

Kyle: Yeh, there's this guy named Jack Leborkian that goes around and murders people
that ask him to, and he doesn't get in any trouble at all.
Stan: Wow!
Cartman: Hey, maybe we can get him to Kyle's mom!
Stan: So, is it ok to assist somebody with suicide, Mr. Garrison?
Mr. Garrison: Uh, Stan, I'm not touching that one with a twenty foot pole.

Mr. Garrison: Ohh, I think I've caught a touch of the flu from little Kenny this morning.
I've got the
green apple splatters.
Townsman: Huh, huh, green apple splatters.

Grandpa: Well then, have one of your little friends do it. You can kill me can't ya?
Cartman: I would never kill somebody...not unless the piss me off.
Grandpa: Ohh, is that a fact? Well, let me tell you something, Porky. Your mom was over
here earlier, and I humped her like a little bitch.
Cartman: What!
Grandpa: That's right.
Stan: Grandpa!
Grandpa: And then, I dug up your great-grandma's skeleton, and had my way with her
Cartman: Hey!
Grandpa: Choice piece of ass, your great-grandma.
Cartman: You piece of crap! I'll kill you!
Grandpa: That's the spirit Tubby.
Stan: Come on Cartman, he's just trying to get to you.
Cartman: Don't talk about my mom like that!
Stan: We can go watch 'Terrance & Phillip' in the kitchen.
Grandpa: I ever tell you about the time I boofed your dad Fatso?

Jesus: First caller, you're on 'Jesus and Pals'
(Sounds of feedback)
Martin: Yeh, is this Jesus.
Jesus: Yes, yes caller, you need to turn your TV down, that's why you're getting that
weird feedback.
Martin: Oh, sorry. Uh, this is Martin...
Jesus: Martin, from Aspen Park, yes, I know.
Martin: How the hell'd you know that?
Jesus: Well, maybe because I'm the Son of God, brainiac, now, do you have a question?

Stan: Jesus, is, is it ok to kill somebody if they ask you to, because they're in a lot of pain,
you know, like, assisted suicide, is that ok?
Jesus: My son...
Stan: Yes?
Jesus: I'm not touching that with a sixty foot pole.
Jesus presses a button on the phone.
Jesus: Next caller.
Stan: God damn it!
Jesus: I heard that.

Cartman: Yeh, just cause your mom is a stupid bitch doesn't mean the whole world has to
Kyle: Don't call my mom a bitch, Cartman!
Cartman: Oh, biiitch. Your--mom--is--a--bi-bi-bii-biittchh.

Randy: Whoa Mayor, you, uh, making gravy in there? Heh, heh, heh, heh.
Mayor McDaniels: I just had a brown baby boy.

John Warsog: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is John Warsog, I've prepared a statement
for you on behalf of the network.
He clears his throat a couple of times...
John Warsog: Fuck you.
John Warsog: Thank you ladies and gentlemen. If there any questions, you may direct
them to that brick wall over there.

John Warsog: Ladies and gentlemen, your nazi-esque tactics of trying to stink us out with
your rancid feces ... has worked.


Chef's song:

No song in this episode. It is the first one not to have a vocal outing from the character, which may be due to the extremely long one in the last episode (just speculation).

How Kenny dies:

Death comes for him rather than Grandpa, chases the boys around the streets of South Park, into Stan's house, and finally catches Kenny outside again. He places his bony hand over Kenny, and he drops dead.