Color Schemes.

Who's responsible for this?

Blame it all on Trey Parker and Matt Stone! Well, them and the crew. Trey and Matt created the whole South Park idea in 1995, but that's discussed later. Here's some info on the two:

Trey Parker-Originally a student of music, director Trey Parker transferred from the prestigious Berklee School of Music to Colorado University to study film, and it was there he gave birth to his twisted brainchild "Cannibal: The Musical". Parker not only wrote, produced, directed and played the leading role in the film, he also wrote the songs and collaborated on the score. He is 27.

Matt Stone-He worked on "Cannibal: The Musical" with Trey. The two of them both grew up in South Park, CO. (NOTE TO THE EDITORS: I can't find much on Trey or Matt, help me!)

Where can I watch South Park?

You can tune in to South Park every Wednesday at 10:00 PM(both coasts) on Comedy Central. For those of you who don't get Comedy Central, a video ring is being created so you can have your own copies of the show. If you live in Canada like me it's on at 12:00 pm on Friday nights.

How did South Park originate?

In December of 1995, Brian Graden, then a Fox TV exec with a taste for edgy material, wanted to send out a video holiday card. He remembered a demented fable called "The Spirit of Christmas"
animated with construction paper and sick jokes by two broke twentysomethings in his stable of eccentric talent. He paid them to do an upgraded version of the twisted little 'toon - in which Santa Claus and Jesus kung-fu fight each other while foulmouthed youngsters cheer them on - and sent tapes all over Hollywood. George Clooney
got on and made copies for 150 of his close personal friends. bootlegs spread to New York, Silicon Valley, the Internet. The band Tool showed "Spirit" between sets. The absence of credits on the video only added to its underground mystique.

Two and a half years later, "The Spirit of Christmas" has made its inexorable way to the mainstream as South Park, an animated series starting next month on Comedy Central. The series' creators, Trey
Parker and Matt Stone, are no longer broke. Before accepting Comedy Central's offer, they turned down development deals by almost every major studio: New Line, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks. One producer offered them "Barney: The Movie," a ludicrous assignment for the two guys responsible for the darkest Christmas cartoon ever made. But it's a mark of how fast they've gone from nobodies who couldn't get their phone calls returned to two of the hottest "creatives" in Hollywood. As Parker says, "It's
been quite a ride."

What is the Spirit of Christmas(soxmas)?

I think we already answered that one, but what the hell. The Spirit of Christmas, also known as SOXMAS, is an underground, or "bootleg" if you will, cartoon created by Trey and Matt. It contains Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan, just like the series. The cartoon featured Jesus and Santa Claus fighting because they thought that each of them were ruining "The Spirit of Christmas". Jesus thought it was about celebrating his birth, while Santa thought it was for giving. I can't say anymore without giving it away.

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