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This is the part of my page where I pay tribute to my favourite character of South Park.

Here They are, the reasons why you the viewers think that Kenny dies in every episode.

#1. They kill him simply cause they gotta. They usually kill him cause he is a little perverted, smelly, dirty mouthed, poor kid. The producers find it funny and they think its a good idea to kill him off all the time. That's why. Submitted by: Unknown

#2. I Think they kill Kenny in every episode because this is a way they'll build viewer interest. Viewers are like," I wonder how they'll kill Kenny today." I guess its something the writers do to make more people watch South Park. Submitted by: Justine

#3.well let us go to the humble biggings of Southpark before Cartman gets an anal probe yes back back before the spirit of chrismas to (THUD!!!) eehheemm Frosty, kenny resembals more like cartman and he didn't say a word and cartman well he was more like just some kid playing in the park nothing to do with... Ohh yeah the point well he just happened to be killed randomly choiced then on SOC they felt it would be funny for the viewers of Frosty (1 min shorter) to see a different "kenny" die but everyone liked SOC's kenny better than the ideas for a new kenny every episode so they just agreed to "bring him back from the dead" after every episode of the 30 minute series SouthPark! REASON TRADITION GODDAMIT THANK YOU Submitted by: JMedina

#4. We all have to die sometime. For some it just happens more frequently. Submitted by: Lou

#5. The reason they kill Kenny, is that he has no catch phrase, so they kill him to kepp people interested. Submitted by: Glenda

#6. This is more of a statement about South Park. David is against the morals of SP, so if you have any comments please email him and carbon copy it to me. Thanks.

Here it is,I too am (or shall I say was) a South Park fan... Until I read the most recent issues of SPIN and Rolling Stone when they had the articles on South Park.  Now, what I am referring to is the idea of "Orgazmo", that film that is due out this summer about a Mormon turned porn star.  That makes me sick.  I can't believe that Trey and Matt would stoop so low as to degrade a religion.  As much as I love South Park, I can't watch it anymore because of this.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at  and put "beans" somewhere in the title.  Besides, Trey and Matt need to get their facts straight.  See, "Orgazmo" is about a Mormon that turns to a porn star so he can earn money for his wedding... guess what?  MORMONS DON"T PAY FOR WEDDINGS!!!  Believe it or not, they don't.  My sister didn't pay for hers.  Anyway, after defending this show to all of my friends and family that hate it, they do something like this and it XXXXes me right the heck off!  Sorry, I'm not taking anything out on you. Submiited by: David

I in no way agree with the above statement, Im just posting it because it raises a good issue. If you have any other theories on Kenny dieng please send me them to my email box.

#7. I think Kenny is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has the worst luck of anyone on the show. As for the show about Kenny dying in every episode: it is the one constant that remains in every episode (except one) and it is refreshing to see him die a different way each week. Submitted by:UnknownUnknown

#8.The reason Kenny dies is kinda obvious, MERCHANDISE AND CATCH PHRASES!!! I know not a kid in the world who doesn't want a shirt with blood smeared on that 8-year-old body saying, "Oh My God, They've Killed Kenny!" And, all of the audiance laughs when the lovable kids swear and they go absolutely nuts when they hear, "Oh my god, they've killed Kenny! You bastards!" Submitted by:Rick

#9.I believe that the reason that Kenny is constantly killed is by pure fate. Let's just say that when Trey and Matt first created SOXMAS and/or "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe," they saw this muffled, preverted, poor kid whom they didn't like. So, they improvised by killing him off mid-way through the episode. But, since the crowd rolled on the floor because of it, Trey and Matt say, "Hey! We've got anal probes, dildoes, and Kick The Baby, so why the hell can't we have a kid come back to life?" Hence, Kenny. (NOTE: I am extremely sorry if Matt and/or Trey see this note and find it wrong and offensive, I ama huge fan. BEEFCAKE!) Submitted by:Rick

#10.It's all karma, man. Kenny was a seriously evil person in a previous life. Maybe he was Hitler or Josef Mengle. He's now doomed to spend the rest of eternity dying repeatedly in gruesome, painful ways. Submitted by:Jordan Sugarman

This is Kenny McCormick, his voice is muffled so we never hear what he actually says. The other kids still understand what he is saying. By the way the other characters answer him, it shows he's pretty smart and perverted. He is always talking about perverted things to all the other guys. He also likes to go hunting all the time. His muffled voice is done by Matt Stone,keep up the good work. He doesn't like to get killed every episode but it still happens anyway. He sometimes dies more than once in an episode. This is the reason why a lot of people like Kenny, they want to find out how he's gonna die next. He's a very poor kid, this explains his ragady brown hooded jacket. He doesn't have a catch phrase like most of the other kids except that he likes to talk about perverted things.

I don't uderstand why they have to kill him every episode. He doesn't do anything wrong to anybody but death is always chasing him around. If you have any insight on why they kill Kenny please contact me.

Please view the ways they kill Kenny on almost every episode!

Ways they kill Kenny