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Does your website need and edge? Is it like all the other hundreds of websites on your topic? Well if it is, now you can do something about it! Put targeted stores right on to your website with this new dynamic interface! All you have to do is fill out one form and choose which virtual store you wish to sell merchandise for and this affiliate program does the rest! You make a commission check either monthly or quarterly. Or if you want to sign people up like what i'm doing, just fill out this form and click the affiliate program

(I the owner of The South Park Morgue made this site to help recruitment along, and i'm willing to send a copy of it to you to help you get started! JUST EMAIL ME)

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General Concerns

Why join the Team?

We pay a bounty for every recruited affiliate whose application is accepted by the web merchants of his or her choice (, Travelocity, Staples, Value America, etc.). The Team is powered by Be Free, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent affiliate marketing technology solutions.

How does the Recruiting Team work?

As an Affiliate RecruiterSM, you place hyperlinks (buttons, banners, or text links) made by our Tag Generator on your web site. When someone follows those links and completes the FastApp™, we note that the new affiliate was referred by your site. If the affiliate's application is approved by at least one of the web merchants on the FastApp, you are paid a $2 bounty. For example, if your recruit applies to four programs and is approved for three of them, you get paid $2. Every three months, we send you a check for the total number of approved affiliates whom you have referred. It's that simple.

What is the FastApp?

The FastApp is an online application form through which recruits can apply to one or many web merchant affiliate programs at once. Current affiliate programs available on the FastApp include, Travelocity, American Greetings, Value America, and Fogdog Sports. Important: the Team is not responsible for accepting/rejecting applicants to the web merchant affiliate programs. Those decisions are in the hands of the web merchants themselves.

How is the Team different from other affiliate programs?

If your application is approved by our staff, it means that we have identified your site as a high-profile, reliable source of information or services for other website administrators. Instead of selling products from your site, you'll be enabling others to participate in the revolution of Internet marketing -- affiliate sales channels. Of course, becoming an Affiliate RecruiterSM in no way restricts you from becoming a merchant affiliate yourself. In fact, when you apply to the Team, you'll also be given the opportunity to complete the FastApp yourself.

Will you promote my site?

Not exactly. We do sometimes feature Affiliate Recruiters on the Web Site or on to showcase the outstanding job they've done, but you shouldn't count on that driving lots of people to your site. You can, however, submit your site to search engines through a simple form such as this one on Hotbot. And use our Resource Center to help you promote your own site.

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Joining the Team

Is my site eligible to become a Affiliate RecruiterSM site?

The Team wants to work with all sites, from large commercial sites to individual web pages, and everything in between. Anyone may submit an application and we review each and every potential Affiliate RecruiterSM web site before accepting you onto the team. We do reserve the right to refuse a site if it contains irrelevant or objectionable material, including pornography, explicit language or content, or support for violent/hate groups. More information on our acceptance policies is available here.

What does it cost to join?

Nothing! It's absolutely free to join the Team. You are free to cancel at any time, and this is not a pyramid marketing organization.

Can a web site based outside the United States be an Affiliate RecruiterSM site?

Yes. We welcome Affiliate RecruiterSM sites from anywhere in the world. Please note that all bounty payment checks to Affiliate Recruiters are denominated in U.S. dollars.

Can I link my site to the Team and to other affiliate recruiting sites at the same time?

The Team can not demand that you deal with us exclusively. However, endorsing several affiliate recruiting programs at once makes for a confusing user experience at your site. Besides, with all of the advantages and reach provided to you by the Team, why go anywhere else?

Can members of the Team be a part of other affiliate recruiting programs?

The Team can not dictate how you use your own site. Nevertheless, our goal is to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship that grows and develops over time. If you participate in several affiliate recruiting programs, you will be less likely to maximize your efforts for our team and benefit from the exposure and rewards we can offer. Furthermore, the Team will constantly adapt to your needs and advise you on optimizing the performance of your site and your recruits' sites.

I don't have a web site yet. Can I apply to be an Affiliate RecruiterSM anyway?

Unfortunately, no. In order for us to process your application, your web site must be live so that we can review it. You can get a free web site at , , ,

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Setting Up Links

Traditional Links

How do I create links to the Affiliate Central FastApp?

Once you are approved as an Affiliate RecruiterSM, It's easy to create tracked links to the FastApp. Just go to and enter your assigned username and password. Click on "creating links" in the side navigation bar and follow the instructions provided by the Tag Generator. In the end, you'll simply be cutting and pasting some HTML code from our Tag Generator into the source code for your web site. Even beginners can create links in just seconds!

What is my responsibility as an Affiliate RecruiterSM?

You set up as many links as you'd like to the FastApp, in the way that works best for your site. You are responsible for using the Tag Generator to create links, and for placing the links on your site. It's up to you how many or how few links you include, and where they are placed on your site. Then you sit back, and we do the rest!

What is the Team's responsibility?

The Team will provide you with the tools and support you need to make the most of your recruiting site. We will update your links as we improve our artwork and functionality. will be your resource for tracking reports and other announcements. And of course, we handle recruiter applications, paying your bounties, and managing customer service.

Will you help me with my site?

Yes! The Team provides recommendations on how to build a better recruiting site. We also send out a monthly newsletter with helpful info, merchandising, and more.

Can I use content from on my site?

Yes. As an Affiliate RecruiterSM, you may take advantage of the wealth of content on our site, including merchant lists, descriptions of services, and market data. Use this valuable content on your site to enhance your recruiting effort and provide even greater value to your affiliate recruits. Content that is clearly marked with a copyright notice from a third party other than the Team, such as actual merchant logos, cannot be used on your site without permission. You can contact the copyright owner through the Team for permission to reproduce that material.

Can I use the Team name and logo on my site?

Yes. Users want to know they are joining an affiliate program they can trust. But please do not alter our logo in any way. You'll find a library of logos and buttons on

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Tracking and Payment

How are orders tracked and credited to my site?

All links from your site to the FastApp contain your site's unique Source ID so that every time a user goes to the FastApp via your site, we know to credit you when an application is approved . Make sure that all links on your site are created using the Tag Generator tool on, so that they are tracked correctly.

How much will I be paid?

Bounties are based on the total number of unique affiliates that your FastApp link generates. If a user comes to your Site, clicks on your FastApp link, applies to four merchant affiliate programs and is approved by at least one merchant, you are paid $2.

I operate more than one web site. Can you track them separately but pay me with one commission check?

You do not need to submit URLs (or pages) within the same site or domain. If you do not want separate reports for separate sites, you can use the same code on all sites. If you would like to get separate reports for each site, provide the multiple site names and URLs on your application. Then you will be able to create links specifically for each site and get separate reports under one account.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid monthly, the first period starting on the date you are accepted onto the Recruiting Team. If your bounty for any month is less than $50, the total amount will be carried to the next month. Once it passes $50, a check will be sent to you at the end of the month for the complete amount owed to you up until the end of that month.

How will I monitor my sales from day to day?

We offer online reports on that are updated daily. These reports tell you how many users saw and clicked through your links to the FastApp, how many applications were submitted, which applications were approved, how much your site has earned in bounties, and much more.

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New Animated Links

List of Affiliates

  • Cross Pen Computing Group
  • PlanetRx
  • Fogdog Sports - The Ultimate Sports Store.
  • GetSmart
  • Hand Tech
  • eBags - For Business, Sports and Travel
  • Ameritech®
  • MP3
  • - Financial Services for Business
  • Affiliate Network
  • Proflowers
  • - New Affiliate Prizes Every Month!
  • LendingTree
  • Network Solutions
  • XOOM, Inc.
  • –The #1 ranked affiliate program P
  • Consumers Car Club
  • American Greetings
  • BabyCenter
  • i/us: all things graphic
  • Join Value America-Our Program Rocks! Win Prizes!
  • - Name Your Own Price and Save!
  • The Picture Personals
  • Livephonecard
  • Concept Kitchen
  • Surfari
  • - Global Sports Connection
  • 800.COM
  • CarPrices
  • Gator
  • Visto
  • Petstore
  • GrapeApe- Join today and earn 30% Commissions
  • Please Contact Me If You Have Any Questions or Concerns

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