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Southpark Link Swap

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I have a challenge for all you die hard South Park fans!! The first person who sends me a list of all the characters I missed plus a brief description of the person like the ones below here will get to have there name posted on the main page with a link to what ever they want. Its like free advertising! I get like 400-600 hits a week, just think about the traffic you could create for you page. If you don't want a link than you can put whatever you want within reason. Email me at This challenge was pasted on

June 23rd,1999 at 7:41pm

Miss Cartman: She is the main reason why Eric has a weight problem. She feeds him foods like powdered donut pancake surprise and chocolate pot pies. Eric also supports his Cheesy Poof habit through his mom.

Mrs. Marsh: Please tell me what you think stan's mother!

Mrs. Broslofski: "Super Bitch," as called by Cartman, is Kyle's mom and is worried about the minds of the children and doesn't think people are "sensitive to the Jewish community!"

????Kitty: He likes Cartman, chocolate chicken pot pie, and he seems to enjoy Cartman yelling at him. He dilikes it when Cartman farts fire on his head. There are rumors of Cartman's mom using Kitty as a dildo.

Pip: This is the character I think that everybody and there mothers wanted on this page. He is a English Boy who all of the kids dont like. They all make fun of him because he has no friends.

Kenny: Please hit the back button on the bottom of the page and follow the Kenny link to a more extensive look at Kenny.

Eric Cartman: Eric is very fat, but he tells all his friends that he is just big boned. He doesn't like to be made fun of it makes him loose his temper. He likes his cat and Cheesy Poofs. Some say his mother uses a dildo.

Kyle Broslofski: He's a Jewish boy who likes to kick around his younger brother Ike like a football.

Stan Marsh: Stan is the leader of the pack amoung South Park students. Stan is always insulting Cartman about his weight. He is in love with Wendy Testebuger but everytime they meet Stan throws up on

Wendy: Shes the love interest of Stan. She is a "know it all" and rubs it in other peoples faces.

Chef: This is the man that all the boys look up to. He is very inspirational to all the boys, if they want to find something out they ask Chef. He is a lady's man that is always sings about sex.

Mr.Garrison: He never seems to get all the facts right. He is a "few bricks shy of a load." He has a hand puppet, Mr. Hat, who acts as his alter ego. Mr. Hat says all the things that he is afraid to say.

Officer Barbrady: He's the cop of the town. He overlooks a lot of the crazy things going on in his town. He doesn't want to do any more work than he has to.

Ike: He's Kyle's little brother who is shaped like a football and therefore kicked like one by Kyle. He doesn't show it but he really cares for his older brother.

Miss Crabtree: She is the school bus driver that is always yelling at the boys. They call her a "fat bitch" all the time.

Shelly: Stan's sister has a neck brace and is very mean to her brother, mostly because she's bigger than he is and she hates wearing her head gear. According to Stan, she's an "evil bitch."

Jimbo & Ned: Jimbo is Stan's uncle and owner of the local gun shop and Ned is his friend and former war vet. Jimbo likes to drink beer and go hunting and seems to only be interested in hunting for the satisfaction of killing something because he just throws away the dead animals. Ned has cancer so he talks with a voice synthesizer so his voice sounds computerized.

Terrance & Phillip: Theses are two guys that are on TV in South Park. These guys are everybobies fovourite show except for the guy's parents. They fart on each other all the time and than have a big laugh about it.

Jesus: He is the lord and savior, but not of South Park. He defeats the devil in a fight only because the devil takes a dive.

Mayor: She is only concerned with her self image. She doesn't really care about the town, as long as she looks good, she doesn't care whats wrong.

Skuzzlebutt: He is a gentle giant that shouldn't of been killed. The kids got carried away with their hunting so they eliminated Skuzzlebutt.

Mr. Hankey: He is the Christmas Poo that will give you presents even if your jewish.

Starvin' Marvin': He is from Ethiopia and is sent to them by Sally Struthers. The boys take care of him and Cartman steals his food because he doesn't think he'll eat it.

Big Gay Al: Everything is sssupper in his books. He owns the Gay Animal Sanctuary where Stan's dog Sparky goes to.

Sparky: This is Stan's gay dog that all the guys make fun of. He finds inner peace at the Gay Animal Sanctuary.

Damien: He is the Son of Satan. If he gets made he starts to set things on fire.

Sally Struthers: She is that fat women on TV that raises money to feed the poor. She sends the guys Starvin' Marvin'.

If I missed a somewhat major character please contact me and I will put it up ASAP.